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why do people have to be like this?

So needy, so greedy.


Is it the need for revenge?

Is it the horrid memories they keep in their hearts?

Or will I never know.

Will I just ask my loved ones to tell me everything will be okay,

that we are okay,

that I am okay.

Or is that the mindset that started these selfish peoples actions.

Although I may be wrapped in a blanket, under a roof with my family,

the fact that other people aren't will still haunt my dreams.

Why is so much of this depended on luck? I used to ask myself.

But now I understand that it isn't.

The choices our society made, picking out the people who should and shouldn't have privileges isn't luck.

instead of,

why is the world like this?

why not,

why am I not doing something about it?

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Benjamin Fink
Benjamin Fink
Feb 10, 2021

Your poems are amazing! You are so talented!

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