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I Am From

I am from the dark red brick building

That stands on 72nd street,

Has my heart now, and forever more

I am from the park I will never forget

The trees and rocks

I know my way around blind folded

I am from the perfect house and the perfect family,

I thought had no flaws.

I am from the loving household

That doesn’t judge.

I am from the running barefoot through cold wet grass

The bristles in my toes.

I am from the never ending talking and singing

From the music of my heart

From the fights with my sister and brother

Never stopping

Neither does my love.

I am from the butterfly's living in my stomach

From the holding on, and letting go

From the big kitchen table we used to sit on,

But now we are too old.

From the “silver linings” and the “be cools”

My mother always used to cheer me up.

From the scary family meetings,

To mom's hand me downs,

I hope I don’t get too tall.

I am from the trying so hard to be like my sister,

But still keeping strong and fierce.

From the melt downs and whining

I should grow out of,

But still happens every blue moon.

I am from the stories of their childhood

And the nighttime Berenstein Bears.

I am from the “never give up” and “everyone's a winner”

That Ethical Culture always says

From the morning walks with my dad and brother,

Sometimes my sister if we are lucky.

From the great days,

That glisten in my week,

And the not so great days,

Where I forget to be 11.

I am from the twists and turns

The bumps and bruises.

From the love and hate,

Circling me cluelessly.

I guess I am from the immigrants

Coming for freedom at last,

Or maybe from the Writers that crossed paths

Maybe I’m from the olden days

With no electricity.

Or maybe i’m from the memories

Flying in my mind endlessly.

I might just be from now,

So I better not waste time.

I need to shape my future

Not my past.

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Juliette Smith
Juliette Smith
Nov 19, 2021

Awesome poem! Love it😍


Benjamin Fink
Benjamin Fink
May 19, 2021

Amazing poem Ari! I loved it!

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