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I Am From Middle School

I am from a whistling voice in my head

From the fast beating of my heart

I am from 3 flights of stairs

From giving up and then not

I am from taking notes

From mean jokes

From the highest highs and the lowest lows

From a stressful day

From don’t worry, your just in 8th grade

From procrastination

From are you okay

From “it's okay”

From why are you crying?

From why are you smiling?

I am from your appreciation

From crowded hallways

Suffocated by noise

From “Get to class!”

Everyone always in a hurry

I am from report cards

From “what did you get?”

From conversations at lunch

From walking on the turf field

Around the track we laugh and chat

I am from weekend plans

From tuesday jag meetings

From wednesday therapy

From please come

From please go

From just stay home

From sorry, I left it at my moms

I am from nicknames and inside jokes

Our laughter fills every crevice of the room

From how was your day

From how was your week

From months and years of life

Lost in memory

I am from my best friend

Because she is from me

I am from regret

From acceptance

I am from jealousy

Constant comparing

My body, my mind,

From why aren’t you like her

From understanding I am one of a kind

I am from sorries

A broken promise

A stronger one kept

From many friends

From no friends

From friends for a month

From friends for life

I am from a rollercoaster

That seems to always malfunction

From “you're just learning”

From “it's all a journey”

From a softball

From a swimming pool

From lost bets

From lost friends

I am still from the girls I spent my childhood with

Even as they drift away

I am from “Call my phone I lost it”

From losing who I am

I am from my heavy heart

From you’re too opinionated

From you’re very smart

I am from being behind in class

From being behind in life

From a score on a test

Caring too much, and then too little

When life seems to be an uncleanable mess

I am from the opportunity of highschool

From a life left to live

From so much yet to be done

From so much I can give

I am from summer countdowns

From an orientation

And now a graduation

I am from middle school

I am from 3 years that I will never forget

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