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I take a deep breath,

Turn on the news,

Thinking it will be just chaos and abuse.

What I see stuns me.

A woman of power on the stage.

Amanda Gorman, that's her name.

She deserves a medal for she has reached my soul,

With the rhythm in her voice,

the expression in her motions,

Each word a sensation.

So I picked up a pen.

And began to write.

For she was my inspiration.

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Benjamin Fink
Benjamin Fink
Feb 11, 2021

Amazing poem Ari!


You write like her, Amanda. Clear, subtle, and accessible. I look forward to more!


love this, ari! thank you for sharing your immense creativity with us! 💜


Mariateresa Avery
Mariateresa Avery
Feb 11, 2021

So beautiful my Ari!

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