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My World

If I were the world

my thoughts would be magma

exploding from volcanoes.

Sometimes it hurts

sometimes it doesn’t.

The constant earthquakes

are just constant stress, the feeling of shaking,


and shaking.

But my mother told me that when my world tumbles

my mind

is disturbed.

my heart


I know this weekend my world tumbled,

Someone picked it up and waved it around.

The rainforests crumbled,

the oceans


the trees

cut down,

and the sand

was taken.

Until my world was just





As time went on things started growing back.

Not the same,

but things came.

My trees grew back,

but they were willows rather then


My waves,

just bigger.

And my people…

they didn’t come back.

They just never left.

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So wonderful that you have mastered the art of poetry composition and are able to use the medium to express your innermost thoughts about your life.

Marsha Spector


Ari! You are incredible. This is a beautiful poem. I’m so impressed by you. Xoxo Kim


Apr 20, 2021

I’m so proud of you!


Ari, this poem is absolutely beautiful! You have a such a gift! ❤️❤️❤️


Benjamin Fink
Benjamin Fink
Apr 20, 2021

Amazing poem Ari! Loved it!!!

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