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Open Your Eyes

I start at the root,

Love surrounds me

I climb some more,

And more,

And more.

But what for?

I ask God,

What am I looking for?

I hear a voice,

“Climb some more.”

I get to the top,

I see the stars,

I see the moon

I ask myself,

Why am I doing this?

But now, I know.

Not for tears


For laughter


For me.

I am doing this for God.

This world around me,

Blooms like a flower.

But the flower doesn’t grow by itself.

It needs the wind,

It needs the water

It needs the sun.

So there I sit.

Should I climb to the stars?

Should I climb to the moon?

Should I keep going?

Or should I rest?

Like the 7th day of creation,

Like on Shabbat.

Should I close my eyes and wait?

Wait, for God.

But why wait for something,


I knew had been here the whole time.

I know God will never fail me,

For though I do not see him,

I find him everyday.

I hear God in the voice in my head,

The one telling me

To stay and keep going.

I see him in the world around me,

The world God created in 6 days

The beautiful life

and the humans that come with it.


I feel God

In the freeness of life

In the wonders of after,

In not only me, but my loved ones.

Who creates the endless days?

Who creates the stars in the sky?

Who has the power to change our minds?

To find what’s deep inside

and touch our


And no,

It is not different from the one who

Changed the people of yesterday’s lives,

Jotted down in the beautiful scroll of the Torah

And no,

It is not different from the one

We praise and pray to.

And no,

It is not different from the one

Who paved the way and showed us

That mistakes are natural,

Are human,

Are us.

God is the name we so mindlessly say,

“Oh my God”

“Oh God”

“God help me”

In the dullest of moments.

But the name we use to refer to God,

To Adoni,

Is just a way to look at someone

Too big,

Too powerful,

For our minds to understand.

When someone wonders

how do we know God is there?

I say,

Just open your eyes,

God is everywhere.

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