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Trapped in a Dark Room


So many people

People who stand up

People who stand down

Kill and hurt

For reasons unknown

We look at the light

Shining through the cracks

But we tape the cracks up

Because it hurts our eyes

We are trapped in a dark room

But we are the ones

Locking ourselves in

We don’t understand

That there is one key, one door

That will let all of us out

Preventing others from escaping

Is also preventing ourselves

We are all

Trapped in a dark room

A room full of hate

Full of tears

Full of blood

Full of sounds

“What did I do?”

He did nothing

We did nothing.

But is that really a good thing?

Trapped in a room

Because we can’t find the key

Because the only key

that fits the lock

Is love.

But is love really enough?

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