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Where am I From?

A DNA test can never truly

Tell me

Which place I come from

A birth certificate

Only holds a small

Part of the story

My ancestors would

All tell me different


And I'm not sure that

They know

For sure

There is a beauty

In a place of origin

A string which

Tugs and tugs you back to a


But my string is

In a knot

It tugs and tugs me

To different


Not people

Jews buried

6 feet under

Each graveyard

Scattered around

The world

Each graveyard


Fails to hold

Their memory

Where are you from?

My mind is in a


My face all scrunched up

Don't we all

Deserve to be from


With more than our


Fertilizing the soil?

The Torah tells me

I am from Judea


The homeland

And it holds more

Then just graveyards

But also Jews

And our culture

A place

Where I can return to

More then

A stone

Not just a dream of the


Which I hold

Attached to the depths of

My soul

But a vision of

The future


I answer.

I am from there.


They say

Like an insult

They tell me to

Go back to Europe

Go back to Egypt

Go back to wherever the hell your from

I really do

Wish I could.

So that answer will not do

Where are you from?


And nowhere

All at once

I am from the crust

Of the earth

I am from

Wherever I go

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Benjamin Fink
Benjamin Fink
05 févr.

Love this! An amazing and meaningful poem!

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