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Common Sense

Our world lives by the rules of common sense.

Humans can't fly, the beginning comes before the end.

These rules are only lenses before our eyes.

Someone created these rules so the world isn't so complicated.

But only those who take off the lenses, are the ones who change the word.

The ones who prove the the rules of common sense are just others' thoughts, so to overcome them we must think for ourselves and take action.

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2 Kommentare

Benjamin Fink
Benjamin Fink
05. Apr. 2021

Amazing poem!

Gefällt mir

Arianna Odinec
Arianna Odinec
05. Apr. 2021

Sorry I haven't been posting poems consistently, I have been a little busy. I hope you enjoy this new poem I wrote, and those who emailed me to write a poem of their request, I am working on those. 😁

Gefällt mir
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