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Poems by Ari


"poet" a word used very generally
A word used to describe
a writer,
a reader,
a thinker,
a lover.
A word that is only a door to a world of
feelings, and many more.
This is the door to my life.
I'm glad you chose it.

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I Am From Middle School

I am from a whistling voice in my head From the fast beating of my heart I am from 3 flights of stairs From giving up and then not I am...

Just to Say

Just to say I worry for the Life I live Lay out each Moment find A life to touch Each string of Though intertwined To find a path laid...

Teddy Bear

Everything will Be alright Can you hear those Words surround Your mind? Your life And you, hand in Hand, a little Girl with a small...

Pieces of Memory

Cough up my Misery, let it Leave my body Give my mind a Break let my breaths Become steady. I worry for the Day it becomes to Much. I...


Can you feel The earth moving To the rhythm of Each child's Heartbeat? Can you hear The poets cry to no beat no rhythm? They weep for...

Half the Time

I sense the tension Of your movements The beating of the room Smile disappeared from Each of your eyes A day of pain Would leave a wound...

Where am I From?

A DNA test can never truly Tell me Which place I come from A birth certificate Only holds a small Part of the story My ancestors would...


This is how to read a ב; this is how to read an א; this is how to read each vowel; this is the subject of your torah portion; fast if you...


Chaos They find two sides Good versus evil Chaos They find simplicity One right solution End all suffering! They holler To those who...

Her Words

Not so long ago Mountains arose, and her little Blue Eyes watched as her world, One she had learned to adore, was Destroyed Not so long...

Trapped in a Dark Room

People. So many people People who stand up People who stand down Kill and hurt For reasons unknown We look at the light Shining through...

Cape Moonshine Road

Let the warm smells seep into this crammed cabin of the scent of cinnamon rolls early in the morning wake up don’t forget we have polar...

The Song of the Water

Touch the Water Sound the Waves Feel my warm Body Touch the cold Ocean sand I Feel the Water Feel the Waves Know that it has No mercy...

Open Your Eyes

I start at the root, Love surrounds me I climb some more, And more, And more. But what for? I ask God, What am I looking for? I hear a...

City Bike

I breath the cold air of the city, the drench of old, rats and sewer. I pass the old man, sitting on the corner who whistles at the young...

I Am From

I am from the dark red brick building That stands on 72nd street, Has my heart now, and forever more I am from the park I will never...

My World

If I were the world my thoughts would be magma exploding from volcanoes. Sometimes it hurts sometimes it doesn’t. The constant...


I take a deep breath, Turn on the news, Thinking it will be just chaos and abuse. What I see stuns me. A woman of power on the stage....


why do people have to be like this? So needy, so greedy. Why? Is it the need for revenge? Is it the horrid memories they keep in their...

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About me

My name is Ari Odinec and I'm 14 years old. I started this blog a few years ago, to share my poems with family and friends. Through the years, Poems by Ari has become more than a website. It has become a resource for me to voice my opinions and beliefs, and to stand up as an advocate. It has become a diary of my growth as a poet. Poetry is a gift that keeps giving in my life, a beacon of hope, opportunity, and joy. I always pour my heart into each word I write, creating poetry that holds deep meaning. I still have so much to learn, and I am beyond excited for the years to come of learning and growth. Please enjoy the poems.

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